Poetry By Katy Durnford

Angelic posted:

"It was a pleasure reading these poems from Katy. She is a great poet and a wonderful intuitive reader. Beautiful soul ."

Mrs S. Durnford said:

"What a really nice way to communicate with people!"


Welcome everyone to Durnford's Poetry!

Poetry for all! From Angel Poems to Dark Poems we have a wide collection for your perusal. So get browsing and reading! Poetry for all tastes! Enjoy!

Welcome to the site
we hope that you might
find the time to browse
and find a poem to delight

We hope that you will find
one in a million or one of a kind
a favourite poem just for you
one that you will like and will do

We hope that you spend some time
looking at the poetic verse here
because there is nothing quite
like a good verse to cheer

So welcome to my Vision!
we hope you like what you see
come again and you will find
plenty more revisions!

Site Now Open!

Everyone is welcome to peruse the site and poetry! Poetry is rated as "U", which means it is suitable for children. We are now open! Added a guestbook. Please feel free to use it! Enjoy!

sincerely yours,
Total Poetry: 237
Word count: 36352
Authors: 1

Poetry Tasters!

Your Flight by Katy Durnford u
Dry away your tears and be proud
rise up high be on a cloud
rest your...
A Bright Tomorrow by Katy Durnford u
Dreaming of the time when things are good
time to unveil and lift the hood
Together Again! by Katy Durnford u
Climb out of your shell
pick up from where you fell
shine the light...
Smile In your Heart by Katy Durnford u
Smile for it is only the beginning
in life you are winning
don your...



Coffee by Katy Durnford u
its taste is like nectar I let it swirl down I use it to wash away all my frowns I...
The Woods (Golitha Falls, Cornwall) by Katy Durnford u
Burgers by the van, an outdoor takeaway café tables and chairs under open...
The Sounds Of Looe by Katy Durnford u
the narrow streets criss cross the go towards the beach with buskers entertaining...


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