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I am The Coffee Poet and I extend a warm welcome to you!

Hosting Durnford's Poetry, an almanac of dated Poetry.

Thank you for taking time to stop by. I hope that you will find something in these archives that will inspire you.

If you have enjoyed the poetry, please feel free to give me a review and sign the guestbook, to let me know you have been.

Welcome to the site
we hope that you might
find the time to browse
and find a poem to delight

We hope that you will find
one in a million or one of a kind
a favourite poem just for you
one that you will like and will do

We hope that you spend some time
looking at the poetic verse here
because there is nothing quite
like a good verse to cheer

So welcome to my Vision!
we hope you like what you see
come again and you will find
plenty more revisions!

sincerely yours,

Say Hello!

Katy Durnford
06/19/18 12:20 pm
porn and links to jewellery sales (spam) will be deleted. This archives is moderated by admin. Thank you!
Katy Durnford
06/19/18 12:12 pm
Feel free to sign the guestbook and review me. I have put a link to the sign guestbook form. To review me click the link in the menu at the top. :) Let me know u have enjoyed the poetry :)
Katy Durnford
06/19/18 11:58 am
I would love to hear from you! Don't be afraid to say hello, as I will respond :)
Katy Durnford
12/19/17 02:45 pm
Please do not spam the shoutbox! I just have deleted a spam. Hackers and spammers are not welcome!
Katy Durnford
12/18/17 11:39 pm
Guests are welcome to shout. Spam will be deleted. Thank you. :)
Katy Durnford
12/16/17 08:07 pm
Welcome everyone to Durnford's Poetry! Enjoy! :).

"She Got It Good!"
By Katy Durnford


Total Poetry In: 234
Word count: 36355

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